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How To Invest

How to Buy and Sell

Gold Shares are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ticker: 2840. Typically, investors will be able buy and sell Gold Shares through a standard brokerage account.

Fees and Expenses

Ongoing Expenses of the Trust

The Trust's estimated ordinary operating expenses are accrued daily and are reflected in the NAV of the Trust. The ordinary operating expenses of the Trust include (1) fees paid to the Sponsor, (2) fees paid to the Trustee, (3) fees paid to the Custodian, (4) fees paid to the Marketing Agent, and (5) various Trust administration fees, including printing and mailing costs, legal and audit fees, registration fees and HKEx listing fees. For the period ending seven years from the date of the Trust Indenture or upon the earlier termination of the Marketing Agent Agreement, if at the end of any month during such period the estimated ordinary expenses of the Trust exceed an amount equal to 0.40% per annum of the daily ANAV of the Trust for such month, the fees payable to the Sponsor and the Marketing Agent from the assets of the Trust for such month will be reduced by the amount of such excess in equal shares up to the amount of their fees.

The ordinary operating expenses of the Trust accrue daily and are reflected in the NAV of the Trust. The Trustee sells gold held by the Trust on an as-needed basis to pay the Trust's expenses. As a result, the amount of gold represented by each share will be reduced over time, from an initial 1/10th of one ounce of gold.

Because the expenses of the Trust will be offset by the sale of Trust gold, the amount of gold backing each share (Ounces Per Share) will decrease gradually.

Each share will initially represent 1/10th of one ounce of gold, but this will decline over time. This reduction in ounces per share will be reflected in the NAV of the Trust.

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