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SPDR® Gold Shares offer investors an innovative, relatively cost efficient way to access the gold market. SPDR® Gold Shares are intended to offer investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market without the necessity of taking physical delivery of gold, and to buy and sell that interest through the trading of a security on a regulated stock exchange. The introduction of SPDR® Gold Shares was intended to lower many of the barriers, such as access, custody, and transaction costs, that have prevented some investors from investing in gold.


SPDR® Gold Shares represent fractional, undivided beneficial ownership interests in the Trust, the sole assets of which are gold bullion, and, from time to time, cash. SPDR® Gold Shares are intended to lower a large number of the barriers preventing investors from using gold as an asset allocation and trading tool. These barriers have included the logistics of buying, storing and insuring gold. In addition, certain pension funds and mutual funds do not or cannot hold physical commodities, such as gold, or the derivatives.

SPDR® Gold Shares now trade on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores and the Singapore Stock Exchange as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


*Potential investors should be aware that while the World Gold Council has consented to the use of the gold logo in each prospectus and on this website it has not otherwise caused or authorised the issue of each prospectus and takes no responsibility as to the contents of the prospectus or this website.


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Current Indicative Intraday Value of 2840

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