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Total Gold in Trust:
Ounces: 20,634,686
Value US$

streetTRACKS Gold Shares Advantages

Key Information

Name: streetTRACKS Gold Shares

Objective: Designed to track the price of gold (net of Trust expenses)

Symbol: GLD 10US$

Exchange: Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Initial Pricing: Based on the price of 1/10th of an ounce of gold

Estimated Expense: 0.40%*

Minimum Order Size: 10 shares

Sponsor: World Gold Trust Services LLC

Trustee: Bank of New York

Custodian: HSBC Bank USA, N.A.

Marketing Agent: State Street Global Markets, LLC, an affiliate of State Street Global Advisors

Structure: Continuously offered, open-ended investment trust

* The Sponsor and the Marketing Agent have agreed to reduce the fees payable to them from the assets of the Trust to the extent required so that the estimated ordinary expenses of the trust do not exceed an amount equal to 0.40% per annum of the daily net asset value during the period ending seven years from the date of the Trust Indenture or upon the earlier termination of the Marketing Agent Agreement. Investors should be aware that if the value of the Trust assets is less than approximately $388 million, the ordinary expenses of the Trust will be accrued at a rate greater than 0.40% per year of the daily ANAV of the Trust even after the Sponsor and the marketing Agent have completely reduced their combined fees of 0.30% per year of the daily ANAV of the Trust. This amount is based on the estimated ordinary expenses of the Trust.

streetTRACKS Gold Shares Advantages

  • Easily Accessible - Listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX)

  • Secure - The Gold Shares represent fractional, undivided interests in the Trust, the sole assets of which are physical gold bullion and, from time to time, cash.

  • Relatively Cost Effective - For many investors, transaction costs related to the Gold Shares are expected to be lower than the costs associated with the purchase, storage, and insurance of gold bullion in a traditional gold bullion account

  • Liquid - Structure allows for baskets to be created and redeemed according to market demand, creating liquidity.

  • Transparent - There exists a 24-hour global over-the counter market for gold bullion, which provides readily available market data. The price, holdings, and net asset value of Gold Shares, as well as market data for the overall gold bullion market, can be tracked daily at

  • Flexible - Gold Shares (SGX: GLD 10US$) are listed on the Singapore Exchange and trade the same way ordinary stocks do. It is possible to buy or sell Gold Shares continuously throughout the trading day on the exchange at prices established by the market. Additionally, it is possible to place market, limit and stop-loss orders of Gold Shares.
last sale: awaited
data source:
Singapore Exchange
data delayed 20mins
Current Indicative Intraday Value of
  $ 88.51

data delayed 5-10 sec

US$ Gold/oz
bid: $ 895.95
offer: $ 896.45
mid: $ 896.20
data source :
data delayed 5-10 sec
13 Jan 2008
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